Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our First Blog!

We cumulatively decided, that because mom and dad have a blog, we should have one of our own.

Let us introduce ourselves.

I will be the Blog Moderator, my name is Beans! I am top dog and run this house! I have bone shaped spot on my back and my favorite foods are anything that mom and dad eat, except for onions and pickles. I like to chase my brothers and sisters and bark at noises and anyone at the door. I also like to lick people's faces and I love to chew on carrots when I have free time.

Here are my brothers and sisters.

This is Elvis. Elvis is my brother who was rescued from Terrell Animal Shelter. He is white with orange spots. He thinks he is independent but he is not, he needs me to give him baths and I even allow him to lay next to me when the sun hits the front screen door! He is just an overstuffed teddy bear! He annoys me at nigh because he always likes to sleep at dad's feet and that takes attention away from me.

This is Texas Ranger. TR turned 4 months old 2 days ago and he thinks he is King. He is not! He loves to eat kitty food and even my doggie food. I always have to protect my food from him. He loves to sleep on people's chests and shoulders. He can fall asleep in any position. TR came into our family with his baby sister, Walker.

Walker is also a 4 month old kittie. She too likes to eat and play. Her favorite is to curl up next to you and go to sleep. But if I am awake....WATCH OUT! I will run you down if you are on my way.

We are cute and cuddly, come check out our photos later!